Special Events in MUSC


MUSC is at the heart of campus activity, with unique and flexible special event venues. Each year, MUSC welcomes more than 300 special events into the building, including conferences, banquets, information sessions, lectures, poster sessions, trade shows, vendor fairs, cultural shows, debates, blood donor clinics, fashion shows and celebrations.

Unfortunately, with so much demand for space, we can't always accommodate groups with the exact dates or times they request (even though we really, really try to make everyone happy). Our best advice is to start your planning early and reserve space in MUSC as soon as you determine your event date(s). 

You can book event space two years in advance of the date. So, if you run an annual event and it's always in the same time period (e.g. the third Wednesday in March), book it now for 2018 and 2019. You can put the space on hold and incur no cancellation fees should your plans change. If another group requests the same date and offers a confirmed booking, we will give you 2 business days to decide whether you want to confirm the space or release it, making it available to another group.

If you have any questions, please contact Shelby Paquette, MUSC Events Coordinator.


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We are the hub of non-academic activity on campus. We host hundreds of meetings and special events every year.