Where did that summer go? So much has happened in MUSC since final exams in April.

Our website went down and could not be revived. You're looking at the brand new version of muscmcmaster.ca. It remains a work in progress, but the forms work and you should be able to find what you need.

The Compass Information Desk got an amazing makeover. It's so sleek and streamlined now!

We reupholstered a lot of furniture, which means the lounges should be more comfortable.

Oh, and we finished a $1.5 million renovation that included the addition of a second set of stairs at the north end, and the addition of about 2,500 square feet on the south side. With these changes, you will find more places to sit and relax and fewer bottlenecks when trying to get through the student centre quickly.

It's amazing how much one building can change in four short months.


Take a load off. Stay as long as you like. We have lots of places to sit, study or meet up with friends.


Whether you need to see a doctor, pick up a prescription, see a dentist or get some glasses, we have you covered in MUSC.


What do you feel like? Whether it's coffee, pizza, sushi or a bag of chips, you will find it all in MUSC.


We are the hub of non-academic activity on campus. We host hundreds of meetings and special events every year.