Study in MUSC


MUSC is open 24/7, so all of you overnight crammers will always have a place to study. During exams, we designate common areas as follows:

Silent Study

The two lounges with study carrels on the second floor have been designated as Silent Study spaces. This means:

  • individual study only
  • no talking
  • cell phones off
  • no music 


Quiet Study

The lounges on the second and third floors with soft seating have been designated as Quiet Study spaces. This means:

  • quiet talking/whispering
  • individual or small group (<4 people) study


Group Study

Groups of 4 or more are welcome to book one of our available meeting rooms for a 2 hour period during our office hours. During the exam period, our office hours are:

     Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to midnight

     Sunday: 5:00 PM to midnight

Make sure you have filled out your Study Group Privileges Form before booking online or in person in room MUSC-222. Study rooms may be booked up to 48 hours in advance of your desired reservation.

Groups may also meet in the food court and main floor lounge areas.


Good luck on your exams!


Take a load off. Stay as long as you like. We have lots of places to sit, study or meet up with friends.


Whether you need to see a doctor, pick up a prescription, see a dentist or get some glasses, we have you covered in MUSC.


What do you feel like? Whether it's coffee, pizza, sushi or a bag of chips, you will find it all in MUSC.


We are the hub of non-academic activity on campus. We host hundreds of meetings and special events every year.