Due to the high volume of posters during First Year Council, SRA, and MSU Presidential elections (and any concurrent referenda), MUSC waives its regular poster policy during these time periods. However, the following rules will apply:

Posters MAY BE posted as follows:

  1. On MUSC glass-enclosed bulletin boards:
  • maximum 2 per candidate, space permitting
  • bring them to room 222 and they will be posted on Friday afternoon


2. On grey concrete block walls or brick walls:

  • no more than 1 poster per candidate in an area
  • adhered with masking tape only (no packing tape, no glue, no duct tape, etc.)


Posters are NOT permitted in the following areas:

  • stairwells
  • doors
  • columns
  • washrooms
  • elevators
  • meeting rooms
  • glass surfaces
  • wood surfaces
  • drywall surfaces
  • on tabletops or other furnishings


Candidates are NOT permitted to distribute handbills, flyers, candy, food & beverage products, etc. within MUSC. 

Candidates are NOT permitted to book out club tables, bake sale tables, banner spaces or big screen slides, except those bookings that are arranged through the MSU Elections department.