If you would like to advertise your event in MUSC, please bring up to 8 posters to MUSC-222 for posting in our glass cases. Posters are hung every Friday.

Posters in MUSC are permitted only in glass-enclosed, locked bulletin boards.  For greater clarity, posters and printed materials (including tent cards, handbills, flyers, stickers, newspapers, etc.) may not be placed on:

  • doors
  • glass
  • exterior or interior walls
  • mirrors
  • washroom stalls
  • water fountains
  • floors
  • ceilings
  • garbage receptacles
  • furniture
  • columns
  • light poles
  • trees
  • sidewalks, etc.


Printed materials may not be otherwise distributed in MUSC, unless a Club Table or Vendor Table has been booked for this purpose. In these cases, printed materials are to be made available at the table, but must not be forced upon passers-by.

Posters and printed materials improperly displayed will be immediately removed by MUSC staff; charges for any damage caused to surfaces or extraordinary cleaning required to remove improperly displayed posters or printed materials will be charged back to the group.

All posters, except those initiated by departments or offices of McMaster University (and displaying the appropriate university or department logo), must first be approved by the staff at The Underground Media & Design Centre (MUSC B117).

MUSC Administration will post a maximum of eight (8) posters per event. Approved posters may be brought to MUSC 222 before noon on Fridays in order to be posted for the following week.

The maximum poster size is 8-1/2″x14″.

Postings are typically up for 1 week only, but may remain up to one month, space permitting.

Poster boards in MUSC are for the promotion of McMaster-based activities and events only. External events and commercial ventures will not have access to MUSC poster boards.

For any questions about this policy, please contact MUSC Administration at musc@mcmaster.ca; or 905-525-9140 ext. 22722.