Banquet Hall

CIBC Hall is 4,500 square feet and can be divided into smaller sections to suit the needs of your event. Book CIBC Hall for banquets, weddings, speakers, trade shows and any other event that requires a flexible set-up.

Main Floor Marketplace

The Donaldson Family Marketplace is a large, open area, right in the heart of all the Student Centre activity. The Marketplace is suitable for public events, job fairs, demonstrations and even banquets. 

Third Floor Terrace

The Frank Charles Miller Terrace is located on the third floor, adjacent to CIBC Hall. Book it on its own for a barbecue, or with CIBC Hall to allow guests some outdoor space without having to travel downstairs.


Main Floor Outdoor Plaza

The MUSC-Mills Plaza is an outdoor space that allows you to attract attention for your event at one of the busiest spots on campus.

Clubs, Faculty Societies, and other student groups: please ensure your President (or equivalent) has completed the Student Group Booking Privileges Form before submitting a Special Event request form. 

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 CIBC Hall The Donaldson Family Marketplace MUSC-Mills Plaza The Frank Charles Miller Terrace